Entavar The Cursed.

The high lord of house Xenon


Entavar the cursed is the hight lord of House Xenon. He is an adept mage and the second most politically influential person in the land of Kralladan. He was the Vampire to first assail The Kingdom of Illyrian. he earned his title when the late King of Illyrian cursed him at the battle of terror. The curse issued by the late king is as follows:

Why must the dark cloud of dusk come hither?
Many things are already buried deep.
Why must our prosperous hamlet wither?
Our fam’lies to you, ov’rlord, do not creep.
The raging storm of fear in which you tread,
that t’will not disperse until your end,
will persist until you are fine’ly dead.
you are a pox which ev’n time cannot mend.
why should we welcome you to our fine hall
you ghastly plunderer of blood and life
when you’re so terr’ble you make the dead crawl.
your only one true purpose is to cause strife
you come as a fell murd’rer in the night.
a thief of horrid and unseemly sight
I command you: begone thee from my realm
or I shall have m’ champion don his helm

Entavar The Cursed.

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